Additional Terms of our Charitable Donation Pre-Sale Campaign

Please see our Terms of Service for additional terms for using this website.


We are currently pledging to donate 10% of all pre-sale orders of $20 or more during the term of our campaign to raise funds for COVID-19 charities. In addition, we will donate an additional 10% of your original Qualifying Purchase any time you refer a friend using your unique Invite Link and that friend makes a Qualifying Purchase ("Bonus Donation"). Referrals will be tracked via Referral Candy. See additional comments on how we use the data they provide to calculate our total donations. We reserve the right to evaluate purchases to ensure they qualify and are not fraudulent, and to cancel or exclude purchases which do not qualify (for example, referring yourself, placing orders which do not meet our minimum purchase requirements, purchases which occur before or after the term of the Charity Campaign, or purchases which are the result of manipulation of this website or associated services).

We will calculate the Total Donation as a percentage of the item prices within your purchase. Tax and shipping shall not be included in our calculation of amount to be donated. A Qualifying Purchase is a purchase of an item within our Charity Collection which is clearly marked as eligible for the Charity Campaign ("Qualifying Purchase") and which exceeds $20 USD in total order value. The Bonus Donation shall be calculated as 10% of your Qualifying Purchase. To be clear, the Bonus Donation is based on the dollar amount of YOUR purchase, not the dollar amount of the referred party's purchase. Items which are returned will not be counted in our donation calculation. If the person you referred returns items such that their purchase is no longer a Qualifying Purchase, we shall subtract the Bonus Donation from the total amount we shall donate to our selected charities.

Tracking referrals: we use a third-party application called Referral Candy to track the sales referred to us by you and to determine the total amount we will donate as a result of the Charity Campaign. Referral Candy uses unique links and cookies to determine if the visitor was referred by you. If the user clears their cookies, visits from a different browser or device, uses ad or script blockers, or visits our site directly, we may not be able to track the user as your referral. If we are unable to track the user, we shall not be obligated to make the Bonus Donation.

Term: The Charity Campaign shall begin on June 27, 2020. We reserve the right to end the Charity Campaign at any time without notice but in no event shall it continue beyond October 31, 2020. The clearest way you will know the Charity Campaign has ended is you will not see mention of charitable donations on our product pages. If an item is not clearly marked as eligible for donation of a portion of its sales to charity, it shall not qualify for the Charity Campaign. All sales and referral sales which occur prior to the end date shall be included in our donation calculation. All sales and referral sales which occur after the end of the Charity Campaign shall not be counted in any donation calculations.

The Total Donation will be calculated by us after the term of the Charity Campaign, and after such time that we are able to confirm all orders. Because we are collecting pre-orders, we may not be able to fulfill all orders. We need at least 500 pre-orders of each color to meet our factory's minimum order quantity. If we are unable to order or fulfill the color you selected, you will be able to select an alternative color we keep in stock, or choose to have 100% of your purchase refunded.

After calculating our Total Donation, we will donate 50% of that amount to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO payable to: COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, United Nations Foundation/COVID-19 Fund, P.O. Box 96619, Washington DC, 20090-6619. And we shall donate the remaining 50% of that amount to Direct Relief, 6100 Wallace Becknell Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93117. All donations shall be made in the name of Westa LLC.


Sales through our Kickstarter campaign are excluded from the Charity Campaign and do not qualify for any donation. Westa LLC shall not include any sales through Kickstarter when calculating the amounts we shall donate to our selected charities.