Does it work with wireless chargers?

Yes, however the clip must be in the open position and the charging pad placed at the edge of a surface so that the lever can hang off the edge.

Does it work with iPhone 12 MagSafe? 

Use of MagSafe accessories will require temporary removal of your case.
Is it removable? Yes. But not easily, by design. We use a super strong 3M adhesive called VHB. This stuff is used to hold truck trailers together. The best way to remove a Westa Clip is carefully cutting the adhesive with tooth floss. This will destroy the adhesive and a replacement pad will be required. Order replacements here.

Is it compatible with my phone or case? 
The Westa Clip works best on smooth, hard cases with a flat surface under the clip. We do not recommend attaching the clip directly to glass-backed phones. These phones often have a special glass coating which makes achieving a strong bond challenging. If your phone has a glass back, your best bet is to attach the clip to a phone case. See the table below for fit by material. The other thing to keep in mind is the location of your cameras and fingerprint readers. With the clip attached at the bottom of the phone as we recommend, it most likely won't interfere with your phone's features. If you're not sure, you can measure.  

Where should I place my Westa Clip on my phone?

The Westa Clip is meant to be placed near the bottom edge of your phone, on the back. We like to put ours about 2-3mm up from the bottom of the phone. The ring should be approximately at the center of your phone (iPhone X, iPhone Pro, Samsung S10, etc.) or slightly below the center if your phone is a plus size. The "upside-down" orientation allows the kickstand to really shine. Plus it ensures your screen is facing the correct way when you pull your phone from your pocket.

How do the integrated guides on your cases work?

Our phone cases include a handy guide to help you attach your Westa Clip in the perfect spot. The guide includes four concentric outlines which you can use. We prefer aligning the bottom of the clip to the outside line for a deeper pocket carry, but folks who want an even more centered grip, or those using large phones might prefer to align to one of the inner rings. 


How do I remove a Westa Clip?